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A letter from our leadership team


We are committed to sourcing, roasting, and providing coffee to our customers in the safest way possible. We want to share the actions we’ve taken to keep our customers and team members safe:

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Sustainable & Delicious

House Made Oat Milk

Our oat milk is made fresh using higher quality, healthier ingredients such as gluten free oats, safflower oil versus canola oil, and sunflower lecithin instead of soy. Because we make it fresh...

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preparing espresso

How to Make Espresso

Want to learn how to make great espresso? Here's a quick guide to help you dial in espresso from our lead educator. Our cafes use this exact approach when making espresso:

Dose: 18.5 - 19.5 grams

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Portland & San Diego Cuppings

Free Public Cuppings

Coava offers free public coffee cuppings teaching folks of all skill levels how to master the art of cupping coffee. You'll get 10% off coffee, brew gear, & merchandise on the day of the cupping.

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Dry Milling at Coava

Density Separations

Density grading (sometimes called dry milling), simply put, is the process of separating the heaviest beans from the lighter beans. The more dense the coffee bean, the higher the quality...

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Coava's Portland roastery, public brew bar, & HQ

Coava's Roastery & Headquarters

Our beginnings in Matthew Higgins’ garage share a similarity, indeed, multiple similarities, with our newest beginning...

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swiss water process

Decaf Coffee

Many folks are sensitive to caffeine but still love the ritual, taste, and smell of coffee. Our single origin decaf is absolutely delicious and created without the use of chemicals and solvents.

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Coava's focus on single origin coffee

Single Origin Coffee

Coava sources coffees from exceptional coffee producers who work hard to grow and harvest the very best specialty grade single origin coffee.

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