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Free Public Coffee Cuppings

Join a Coffee Cupping & Learn How To Taste Coffee

Coava offers free public coffee cuppings teaching folks of all skill levels how to master the art of cupping coffee. You'll get 10% off coffee, brew gear, & merchandise on the day of the class.

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Taking the coffee experience to the next level

Density Separations of Single Origin Specialty Coffee

Density grading (sometimes called dry milling), simply put, is the process of separating the heaviest beans from the lighter beans. The more dense the coffee bean, the higher the quality...

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Coava's Portland roastery, public brew bar, & HQ

Coava's Roastery & Headquarters

Our beginnings in Matthew Higgins’ garage share a similarity, indeed, multiple similarities, with our newest beginning...

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coffee so good can it really be

Decaf Coffee

I'm a big fan of the misunderstood, the vilified, the underdog, the breaking of myths.” -Dominic Monaghan

That's right, folks, decaf coffee can be absolutely delicious when done right.

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Coava's focus on single origin coffee

Single Origin Coffee

Coava sources coffees from exceptional coffee producers who work hard -- and we mean blood, sweat, and tears hard- to grow and harvest the very best specialty grade single origin coffee.

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