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Dry Milling at Coava

Density Separations

Coava is known for high quality, perfectly roasted single origin specialty coffee. We are also known for our absolute unabashed love for all things coffee. One testament to this is the density grader that we opened the new Coava roastery with in March 2017. No one, including us, knew of density grading capabilities at any roasting operation anywhere, but we couldn't imagine our dream roasting setup without it. The buzz was plenty and the question was...why?

Try to get inside the head of someone who has spent over 10 years trekking the globe searching out the best coffees to roast and share. Specialty coffee is already 'the best'. It's grown in the best conditions, perfectly ripe cherries are picked by hand and then processed, dried, milled to remove imperfections, shipped across the sea, stored in ideal temperatures, and finally, expertly roasted by loving hands who have nothing but respect and admiration for this tiny seed that was painstakingly cared for by so many. It probably makes sense then why we'd never stop trying to find the perfection in these already phenomenal coffees.

Density grading (sometimes called dry milling), simply put, is the process of separating the heaviest beans from the lighter beans. The denser the coffee bean, the higher the quality. With dry milling, we run a density separation on what is already truly high-end specialty grade coffee. We run our separations twice, and in doing so, we separate out the very best of the best beans to roast.

From time to time, we offer density separations as an exclusive offering of a coffee you've already come to know and love, like the David Mancia, so you can taste the true perfection of what a particular single origin coffee has to offer. It'll knock your socks clean off, trust us. What is already incredible can truly be taken to the next level.

Our single origin coffee offerings menu changes frequently, so stay tuned for our density separation coffees as they become available online and in our cafes. Sign up for our newsletter and you'll be the first to know when a new separation is available.

Enjoy this video of Coava's founder, Matt Higgins, working a density separation at Coava Coffee Roasters HQ in Portland, Oregon.

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