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Coava's focus on single origin coffee

Single Origin Coffee

Single Origin Coffee 

We work with farmers who have proven success in growing, harvesting, and processing the world’s best single origin coffees. They are diligent in best-practice farming, and live in a continuous education and experimentation loop to innovate and improve, because they know that even the best can get better.

Ultimately, it boils down to a chain of excellence: their success is dependent on establishing partnerships with coffee mills, exporters, and coffee roasters that will work just as hard as they do. We live and breathe that hard work here at Coava and are delighted when we meet our match in our quest for true excellence.

When we establish relationships directly with high caliber farmers, we are committing to doing right by their efforts and showing honor where honor is due. As such, we showcase the farmers hard work by allowing their coffee to stand alone--not blended with any other coffee. Single origin coffees showcase the dedication and craft of our producers-- you will even find their name on the bag. 

Single origin coffee is 100% transparency and is the ultimate testament to the commitment it took to cultivate a crop into the very excellence you hold in your hands and taste in our coffees. 

Single origin espresso is our favorite way to experience the true beauty of coffee. Our single origin coffees are a source of pride here at Coava-- and we never forget the journey they made to get here.