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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I get my online coffee order pre-ground?
We currently only sell whole bean coffee online. We’d be happy to help you find a great grinder for your specific brewing method if you need help. If you are an office wanting to order coffee, please contact us and we can help find a solution.

Q: I’d love to start a wholesale relationship and serve Coava at my cafe.
Check out our Wholesale Page and we’ll be in touch!

Q: Is your coffee Organic or Fair Trade Certified?
A: While most of our coffee comes from farms using organic farming methods, we do not require any third party certifications as we know that organic certifications may be cost prohibitive in certain areas of the world. Sourcing the coffee directly allows us to vet the producers and their growing practices personally rather than leaning on a third party. Working with Coava provides the producers prices that are well above Fair Trade.

Q: How should I store my coffee?
A: We recommend keeping your coffee away from extreme heat or cold. Our coffee bags offer excellent environmental protection. We treat coffee like great bread which means we advise you to buy fresh and more often, rather than storing it up. Check out our coffee subscriptions if you want us to ship fresh roasted coffee to you on a scheduled basis.

Q: I’d like to work for Coava. What’s the best way to get in touch?
A: You can send along your resume & cover letter to Your best bet is to come by and start getting to know the staff in our cafes while letting them know you’re interested in joining the team.

Q: Do you have a dark roast? 
A: Generally, our coffee roasting style would be considered a ‘medium’ roast. We make a roasting profile for each coffee that brings out its best characteristics and flavors. Learn more here.

Q: Can I order coffee for a special event or as gifts for clients/staff?
A: Yes! We would happily help get you setup with coffee for your event or as gifts for clients or staff. Shoot us an email or give us a call.

Q: I ordered a gift card and misplaced it.
A: If you ordered a gift card online then the redemption code will be emailed to the email address you entered. If you would like to buy a physical gift card, please visit one of our retail locations or email us at