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coffee so good can it really be

Decaf Coffee

Decaf Coffee

We decided a long time ago that if Coava was going to be involved in something, it was going to have to be excellent. Not sometimes, but all of the time. Whether it’s the farmers we partner with, the importers who help us transport our coffee, the incredibly hard working cafes all over the nation who use our coffees, or the non-profits we are honored to support; they all carry an undeniable work ethic and care for quality.

This is why when it came to the often overlooked subject of offering a decaf coffee, we partnered with Swiss Water Decaffeinated Coffee Company. They see coffee like we do. In working together, we have created decaf coffees so delicious, the bags fly off the shelves. Great tasting decaf is not a myth; it's the real deal, but it's got to be an art form-- and for us, it is. And with single origin decaf coffee, you simply can't get it any better. 

Our decaf coffee offerings are seasonal rotations just like our other coffees. Make sure to try them all and enjoy the different taste experience these decaf coffees have to offer.