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Producer Mburu

Mr. David Mburu


Mr. David Mburu bootstrapped himself through school and became an attorney before eventually returning home to run his family’s coffee farm. He has full control over his milling, fermentation, washing, and drying, which allows him the freedom to make adjustments when needed, as he constantly seeks to improve the quality of his already stellar coffee. Our relationship with Mr. David Mburu is unique, as it is difficult to build partnerships with individual producers in Kenya. What is even more exciting is Coava is working with Mr. David Mburu to separate out specific areas of his farm based on environmental, processing, and varietal criteria. This will allow us to target and separate out the best cherries the farm has to offer.


Mr. David Mburu Mwangi


Kiambu East District


Ruiru 11, SL 28, & SL 34




1900 meters

Taste Notes

Rich / Fruity

Mr David Mburu Coava Coffee Roasters