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Producer Capucas

Las Capucas


The Capucas community has fought hard for their reputation of quality. In the early days of Coava, we spent countless hours in this region helping develop the specialty coffee potential. We attended the second ever cupping competition and have participated ever since as it has grown into an internationally known event.

Located near the Mayan ruins, on the western side of Honduras, they have led the way in mill modernization for the sake of producing clean and consistent coffees. In addition to improving their milling, they have added intensive farmer education, coffee quality competitions, and several green certifications, resulting in a thriving community of farmers producing quality coffee over quantity. They also can boast in having one the best coffee varietal gardens around.


Cooperativa Cafetalera Capucas Limitada (COCAFCAL)


San Pedro, Copan


Pacas, Catimor




1600 - 1650 Meters

Taste Notes

Rich / Chocolatey


ka- poo-cus

Las Capucas Coava Coffee Roasters