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David Mancia Coava Coffee Roasters

David Mancia


David is one of our oldest producer relationships. We feel especially proud to offer his coffee each year because it’s been such a mutually beneficial partnership.

His two hectare farm sits high up in the village of El Cielito, Santa Barbara. His coffee is primarily the bourbon mutation Pacas with a bit of the Catimor varietal mixed in. These coffees are all depulped, fermented, and washed on site before being transferred to the mill an hour away for patio drying.

David is a great example of how Coava works to develop mutually beneficial relationships with our producers. Since we first began working with David, we have helped him acquire new raised beds for drying, get better processing equipment, and increase his production. These changes, along with David’s commitment to quality, help ensure an increase in David’s quality of life and that we will continue serving his coffee for years to come.


David Mancia


Santa Bárbara


Pacas, Catimor




1600 - 1650 Meters

Taste Notes

Rich / Fruity



David Mancia Coava Coffee Roasters