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Office Coffee Subscription

Office coffee does not have to taste like last week's bad meeting.

You'll probably never have a bad meeting again with an office coffee subscription delivered right to the front door of your office.

Choose the coffee subscription that will fuel your office based on your taste preferences and budget. Select from a full menu of seasonal, always fresh crop, specialty coffees. We roast to order and ship immediately to ensure you get the best-tasting, freshest coffee possible. This is one employee perk guaranteed to improve office morale!

Prices start as low as $75 for a small office crew. Upgrade your office perks!

We're here to help you size the perfect office coffee subscription:

4-8 drinkers? We recommend starting with our 2 Kilo Bulk Bag.

8-12 drinkers? We recommend 2 x 2 Kilo Bulk Bags.

12+? Get the best possible pricing with 3 x 2 Kilo Bulk Bags.

Need more than 20 pounds a week? Contact us for wholesale coffee pricing, otherwise...

Order your office coffee subscription

Office Coffee Subscription Coava Coffee Roasters

Office Coffee Subscription FAQ

I need an office coffee subscription with more than 20 pounds of coffee per week. Is this the right product for me? We've got something better for you in this case. You'll want to contact us for wholesale pricing as we offer greater volume discounts and, depending on volume, perks such as equipment discounts.

We drink a lot of coffee and we'd like an office coffee subscription sent to our home. Can we do that? If your doctor says so, why not? (Just kidding) Office coffee subscriptions are really best suited for groups of coffee drinkers who will consume a fair amount on a consistent weekly basis such as those you'd find at offices, schools, churches, or any regular event that draws coffee lovers or just those who need to be seriously kept awake.

I'd like to get a coffee subscription for my home-- can I do that? Sure can. Our home coffee subscriptions are very popular and you'll love the convenience of having your favorite coffee shipped right to your door. You can even order coffee subscriptions as gifts for anyone who loves single origin specialty coffee as much as you do.

Can I choose a decaf-only office coffee subscription? Yes, you sure can, and our decaf is truly outstanding. Read more about it here.

Can I select a specific single origin coffee to be sent in our office coffee subscription? For instance, I really love David Mancia's coffee and I just want that one. Unfortunately, no. Our coffees are available seasonally as fresh crop single origin coffee offerings, and as much as we'd love to always have certain ones on the menu, the seasonality is part of what we love about coffee. We work in small lots of very special, one-of-a-kind in many ways, single origin coffees. These are coffees that we buy year over year when the new crop is available, but like any fruit or produce, it's in season and then it's gone. All the more reason to love and celebrate it. (We do a happy dance when David's coffee is back on the menu, too.) The best way for you to truly enjoy your coffee subscription is to choose the kind of coffees that you prefer by selecting the taste profiles you love such as 'fruity' or 'chocolate' toned and those are the coffees that we will send to you throughout your subscription.

Can I choose the frequency and amount of coffee I get in my office coffee subscription? Absolutely. Choose how much coffee you want, what flavor profile you desire, when you'd like us to send it, and we'll do the rest.

Can you send my office coffee subscription to Canada? Unfortunately, we currently only ship our online store purchases and coffee subscriptions to USA based addresses.

Can I pause or cancel at any time? Our office coffee subscriptions do not require a commitment so yes, you may pause or cancel at any time. We also offer home coffee subscriptions which do not require any form of commitment either. Be warned though: it doesn't get any better than fresh roasted, single origin coffees shipped right to your front won't want to stop once you start-- it's that good.