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Moka Pot

The Moka Pot is such a classic, ubiquitous coffee brewing tool that you would be hard-pressed to find anyone who hasn’t heard of or at least seen one. Often referred to as a stovetop “espresso” maker, the Moka Pot does not produce espresso in the true sense of its definition, but it does brew particularly strong and flavorful coffee. While it can certainly be enjoyed on its own, Moka Pot coffee stands up particularly well to milk and sugar, making for a thoroughly delicious, classic cup.

Coffee Weight


Water Weight


Brew Time

4:00 minutes

Water Temp

205-210 F (**heat before pouring into bottom chamber)


Fine- but not as fine as espresso grind


194 ml

Before You Brew

Fresh Coffee The single most important part of a good cup is starting with high quality, freshly roasted coffee. We aim to drink our coffee within a 14 day window of being roasted.

Purified Water Start with filtered water for best results. If your tap water already has a lot of dissolved solids then it will negatively impact your ability to brew the coffee.

Scale Consider purchasing a scale for your brewing. You'll find it will really boost the consistency and quality in your morning cup of coffee.

What You Need

Moka Pot

Camp stove or heat source




Fresh Coffee

Brewing steps

How To Brew With A Moka Pot Step 1

Weigh and grind 28 grams of freshly roasted coffee on a fine setting.

How To Brew With A Moka Pot Step 2

Fill the bottom chamber of the Moka Pot with 250g water, being sure the water level stays below the pressure release valve.

How To Brew With A Moka Pot Step 3

Place filter funnel into bottom chamber.

How To Brew With A Moka Pot Step 4

Fill with freshly ground coffee, ensuring the coffee is distributed evenly in a flat bed.

How To Brew With A Moka Pot Step 5

Using a towel or heat-proof gloves to brace the bottom chamber, carefully screw on the spouted chamber until tight.

How To Brew With A Moka Pot Step 6

Place the full brewer on a heat source, begin heating on a medium to medium-low setting, and start your timer. If using a gas stove or other open flame, make sure that the plastic handle isn’t too exposed to the flame.

How To Brew With A Moka Pot Step 7

Remove from heat when the brewer begins emitting steam, indicating that all water has been boiled through. This should take about 4 minutes.

How To Brew With A Moka Pot Step 8

Decant into a carafe or pour directly into a mug, and enjoy!