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How to Brew Drip Coffee by Coava


Even inexpensive coffee brewers can make a delicious cup of coffee as long as you start with the right beans. Whether you’re visiting family for the holidays, traveling for business, or just brewing a pot in your own home, chances are you’re going to find yourself using an automatic dripper at some point. We love to give people guidance on how they can make excellent coffee with this brewing method. Just make sure to give your brewer a deep clean & use fresh, properly ground coffee.

Coffee Weight

62 grams

Water Weight

34oz (or about 1L)

Brew Time

Depends on your brewer

Water Temp

Depends on your brewer




30 oz

Before You Brew

Fresh Coffee The single most important part of a good cup is starting with high quality, freshly roasted coffee. We aim to drink our coffee within a 14 day window of being roasted.

Purified Water Start with filtered water for best results. If your tap water already has a lot of dissolved solids then it will negatively impact your ability to brew the coffee.

Scale Consider purchasing a scale for your brewing. You'll find it will really boost the consistency and quality in your morning cup of coffee.

What You Need

Coffee Brewer

Paper Filter

Fresh Coffee

Optional ­- Scale

Optional ­- Thermos

Brewing steps

How to Brew Drip Coffee by Coava

Preheat the pot with hot water.

How to Brew Drip Coffee by Coava

Fill the brewer’s water reservoir to the desired amount - for this recipe, use 1L / 34oz (Note: "cup" on a drip brewer often = 4oz.)

How to Brew Drip Coffee by Coava

Place filter in the brew basket.

How to Brew Drip Coffee by Coava

Weigh and grind 62 grams of freshly roasted coffee on a medium setting. Add freshly ground coffee to the filter, and give it a light shake to settle all grounds into an even bed.

How to Brew Drip Coffee by Coava

Initiate brew cycle based on manufacturer’s instructions.

How to Brew Drip Coffee by Coava

Once the brew cycle is finished, pour a cup for the grumpiest family member first (trust us). Then take a deep breath and enjoy a cup yourself. If using a brewer with a hot plate, transfer leftover coffee to an insulated thermos if possible to maintain better temperature and flavor.

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