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Invented by Dr. Peter Schlumbohm in 1941 and heralded ever since, the Chemex remains one of the easiest, most desirable ways to brew coffee. Coava developed a commercial grade stainless steel filter with this brew method in mind. Brewing a Chemex this way gives you a full bodied cup with a reusable filter that also comes out sweeter and generally more complex than a french press brewer. The Chemex with our proprietary metal filter is Coava’s hand brewing method of choice.

Coffee Weight

21 grams

Water Weight

340 grams

Brew Time

3:30 - 4:00 minutes

Water Temp

202 - 205 degrees


Medium Fine - like sand


11.5 oz

Before You Brew

Fresh Coffee The single most important part of a good cup is starting with high quality, freshly roasted coffee. We aim to drink our coffee within a 14 day window of being roasted.

Purified Water Start with filtered water for best results. If your tap water already has a lot of dissolved solids then it will negatively impact your ability to brew the coffee.

Scale Consider purchasing a scale for your brewing. You'll find it will really boost the consistency and quality in your morning cup of coffee.

What You Need

Chemex Brewer

Coava Cone Filter




Fresh Coffee

Brewing steps

Cone Step1

Place the cone filter in the Chemex.

Cone Step2

Weigh and grind 21 grams of freshly roasted coffee on a medium-fine setting. Add your freshly ground coffee to the filter and shake lightly to settle the grounds. Tare the scale to 0g. Start your timer and gently pour a thin stream of 50g water into the center of the grounds, ensuring they all become evenly saturated.

Cone Step3

At 45 seconds, gently pour water in a circular motion. Avoid pouring close to the edges of the filter. Stop when your water weight reaches 200 grams.

Cone Step4

Let the water drain down about ½”. Then, at around the 1:45-2:00 minute mark bring your total water weight up to 340 grams by once again pouring in gentle circular motions while avoiding the edges of the filter.

Cone Step5

Brew time should finish between 3:30-4:00 minutes for ideal extraction.

Cone Step6

Remove the filter, pour, and enjoy!

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