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Brew Chemex Hero


Invented by Dr. Peter Schlumbohm in 1941 and heralded ever since, the Chemex remains one of the easiest, most desirable ways to brew coffee. This brewing method is known for producing an extremely clean cup, due to the heavy filter that is used. The Chemex with our proprietary metal filter is Coava's hand brewing method of choice.

Coffee Weight

45 grams

Water Weight

600 grams

Brew Time

3:00 - 4:00 minutes

Water Temp

200 - 205 degrees


Medium Fine 

Before You Brew

Fresh Coffee The single most important part of a good cup is starting with high quality, freshly roasted coffee. We aim to drink our coffee within a 14 day window of being roasted.

Purified Water Start with filtered water for best results. If your tap water already has a lot of dissolved solids then it will negatively impact your ability to brew the coffee.

Scale Consider purchasing a scale for your brewing. You'll find it will really boost the consistency and quality in your morning cup of coffee.

What You Need

Chemex Brewer

Chemex Paper Filter




Fresh Coffee

Brewing steps

Brew Chemex 01

Set your filter in the Chemex with three layers against the spout and one layer against the handle side.

Brew Chemex 02

Rinse the filter with hot water. This preheats the glass and rinses out any paper filament that may affect taste.

Brew Chemex 03

Empty the Chemex of rinse water with the filter in place.

Brew Chemex 04

Add your freshly ground coffee to the bottom of the filter. Give it a light shake to help the ground settle evenly.

Brew Chemex 05

Start your timer and gently pour 75 grams of water into the coffee bed. Your pour should last no longer than 15 seconds and be done in an even circular motion.

Brew Chemex 06

At 45 seconds, again gently pour in circles in order to re-saturate the coffee and bring your overall water weight to 350 grams.

Brew Chemex 07

At the 2:30 mark bring your water weight up to 600 grams by once again using a gentle circular pour.

Brew Chemex 08

Depending on your grind setting and the amount of the coffee you use your brew should finish between 3:30 - 4:00 minutes. Pour coffee into mugs or a thermal container and enjoy.

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